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- Robert Irwin
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My name is Robert Irwin, and for the past decade, my wife, Susan, and I have helped thousands of Christian couples to improve their sex lives and marriages-through our seminars, coaching program and the world’s most popular Christian sex guides, 'Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband' and 'Sexual Satisfaction For The Christian Wife.' These guides are considered by many to be the standard in basic sexual education for Christian couples.

We have also personally coached hundreds of couples, helping them to make their sex lives amazing again. And...

Without a doubt, the biggest cause of marital and sexual frustration is...boredom!Bored Couple

Keeping the sex in your marriage interesting and fun is a lot like what happened when you first learned to ride a bike. Once you learned how to ride the bike, without falling off, it wasn't too long till you wanted to try new things (can you say "wheelie?") that made bike riding even more fun. Riding your bike in circles in your driveway might be fun…for awhile. But, sooner or later, you want to venture out of the driveway…to an adventure.

It is the same with matter how much you and your spouse are in love, if you fall into a sexual "rut," it can have serious negative effects on your sex life and marriage.

If you don't get out of the “sexual driveway” and start making your sex life an adventurous journey, filled with new and exciting things to explore and do, neither of you are going to be all that excited about sex anymore.

For most of us, after we run through our four or five "favorite" sexual positions or sexual techniques, we are at a loss for something new, unique or... just plain try.

But, as a Christian, you are hesitant to get these types of techniques and ideas from secular sources such as the original Kama Sutra or "good sex" guides. Although you may find new ideas, you will have to wade through pages and pages of semi-pornography and truly offensive material to weed out the few valuable ideas.

That is exactly why we have created a "first of its kind" new book, "The Christian Kama Sutra."

Why would you settle for the boring "same old same old" in bed, when you can have hundreds of the world's most exciting sexual positions, techniques, tips and tricks...providing you and and your spouse with hundreds of hours of excitement and fun...right at your fingertips?

In just minutes from now, you can have the most comprehensive resource of fun, sexy and creative sex ideas for Christian couples ever!

The original Kama Sutra is an Eastern text written by Vatsyayana, a revered Indian Scholar. Although it is made up of several different and discrete parts or sections, it mainly deals with “issues of love and lovemaking.” Most people are familiar with the section of the Kama Sutra that documents, with illustrations, various sexual positions. This section is, in fact, a rather small section of the overall Kama Sutra. Overall, the original Kama Sutra has remained so popular because it is a comprehensive, although dated, directory of the full range of sexual possibilities.

And, that is exactly what you will find in "The Christian Kama Sutra" is a comprehensive directory of...and guide to...virtually every single one of the world's best, most famous and most powerful sexual positions, techniques, tips and tricks!

The Christian Kama Sutra

In the past, we received thousands of requests for recommendations of a “non pornographic” guide to sexual the Kama Sutra, but better. And, until now, there were very few, if any, resources to recommend.

The vast majority of sexual position guides are illustrated with photos of couples…um…having sex.

And the few guides that were illustrated in a non-pornographic manner were surrounded by advertisements for semi-pornographic products or web sites.

Certainly, there were no sexual position guides for Christian couples that you could consider not only tasteful…but actually artistically and beautifully presented.


We created the positions section of The Christian Kama Sutra from scratch!

We researched hundreds of sexual position guides to find the most exciting, newest positions.

But, unlike most sexual positions guides, we did not duplicate similar positions to give the appearance of thousands of positions. We listed only those positions that were truly different and we included only those positions that we were physically (and morally) possible for the vast majority of our readers to accomplish.

And…there are still OVER 200 different positions included!

Then…we hired a Christian artist to render these positions in an artistically pleasing way…sketched in graphic pen.

Our primary request of this artist was that the illustrations in this guide be tasteful and non-pornographic…yet clearly demonstrate enough information to give you the chance to try the positions for yourself…

Plus…we went the extra step of describing for you EXACTLY HOW to perform each position…

This is something that MOST other guides don’t bother to do; they assume that you will (somehow) know what to do…just by looking at the pictures of each position. If you have seen most of these guides, you know this is NOT reality. It may not be rocket science…but, with many positions, you need a clear explanation of the goal you are attempting to achieve…as well as a picture.

But unlike many versions of the Kama Sutra, in The Christian Kama Sutra, these 200 positions are only the start! This book also contains, literally, hundreds and hundreds of additional creative, unique, and exciting sexual techniques, tips and tricks.

It also includes...

Over 100 Creative Lovemaking Techniques - Have you ever been at a loss for "new and creative" things to try? Not any more! The 100 lovemaking techniques we included are, literally, the world's most famous and proven sexual techniques. If you are ready to take your (and your spouse's) sexual pleasure to the next level, you'll find ONE HUNDRED ways to do it!

Over 200 Sex Games And Activities - Ultimately, creating an exciting sex life, filled with variety, is not rocket science. But, in reality, it can be difficult to think of a completely new and fun sexual game or activity to play with your spouse. Most of the time, all you need is a reminder of the possibilities. And, you will now have over 200 "great ideas" to try...right at your fingertips!

Over 30 Ideas For Exciting Sexual Environments - In real estate, the secret is "location, location, location." When you are trying to "spice up" your sex life, the secret is "environment, environment, environment." You can use these proven ideas for creating "the perfect sexual environment" to give you the best odds of making sex passionate and fulfilling for you...and your spouse!

Putting together this new book was a total joy for me and Susan.

As much as we enjoy helping couples to learn “the basics” and to overcome sexual problems and limitations, there is a special pleasure in helping other Christian couples to make their sex lives truly fun and exciting.

Creating and offering this type of resource is EXACTLY what our work is all about: offering tangible, creative and REAL information that will help Christian couples to make the sex in their marriages a positive, relationship-bonding and strengthening experience.

This book does exactly that.

C.S. Lewis wrote, in his book The Four Loves, “Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

Lewis Smedes, professor of theology at Fuller Seminary once said, “God made us body people. Bodies are meant to play and-we can add-to be played with.”

If you have been one of our readers or visitors for any length of time, you know that one of our main goals is to destroy the dangerous and wrong notion that God intended sex to be anything less than this. And, I'm positive that this book will help you to discover EVERYTHING that God intended for you, sexually.

    There's so much high-quality information packed into Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband that I guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase.

I want you to feel free to explore how positive Christian sexuality can improve the life of you and your spouse without risk to you.

    If you order your insta-download copy of The Christian Kama Sutra and you are not 100% satisfied that my proven system has brought passionate and fulfilling sex back in your marriage, then you have a full 60 days to return it for every last penny of the $37.00 it cost you.

    I'm just so sure that this is the information you're looking for that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make you sure of it too.



    So, $37.00. "Sexual enhancement drugs" could cost you hundreds, therapy can cost you thousands (trust me, I've paid those bills), and neither of those things offer you a money back guarantee for up to 60 days after you've paid for them.

    In fact, if you do decide to refund your purchase price, I'll even let you keep the book as my thanks to you for giving me a chance to help you. While I do feed my family by offering books and services like this, I serve God first and foremost, and if you don't genuinely feel that The Christian Kama Sutra is worth every penny you paid for it, then I don't want to keep your money.

    Because this book is only offered in an electronic e-book format, you can download it in 2 minutes and begin your journey of sexual achievement right now... even if it's 2 AM in the morning! Plus, you never have to worry about facing the lady at the register in the book store.

    If you've made up your mind to give it a try, click this button to get your Insta-Download copy of The Christian Kama Sutra. If you're still not sure yet, keep reading to find out about the free bonus you get with your purchase!

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Plus...for a limited time, if you order The Christian Kama Sutra, you will also receive a copy of our wildly popular book, 300 Sex Questions For Christian Couples!

300 Sex Questions For Christian Couples

This book, normally, sells for $37.00, but, if you order right now, you will get it for... FREE!

The Christian Kama Sutra will give you a virtually endless supply of new, fun sexual ideas. 300 Sex Questions For Christian Couples will be the "spark" that ignites the sexual passion in your marriage in the first place! Before you can communicate, sexually, you need to learn how to communicate...verbally. And, the questions in this book are specifically designed to allow you and your spouse to learn everything possible about each other's sexual needs, desires, likes and dislikes.

With 300 Sex Questions For Christian Couples, you will find it infinitely easier to learn your spouse's deepest, innermost thoughts and emotions regarding sex. And, we have proven, for over ten years, that the REAL first step to a better sex life is...better communication!

I really want you to have the opportunity to try all of the amazing stuff in these two my risk!

If you order now, you will both books and you will a full sixty days to decide if they are everything I say they are...

If you are not absolutely convinced that these books have made your sex life dramatically more fun and don't pay me a single penny...the risk is all mine...If you are not completely satisfied, I will return 100% of your money and you can keep the books just for giving it a try!

Why wait?

Wishing you passion in all,

Robert Irwin

P.S. You may have skipped right to this point. If so, here's the offer in a nutshell. You get your own personal copy of The Christian Kama Sutra that is 100% guaranteed to help you bring variety and fun to the sex in your never will also receive your own personal copy of 300 Sex Questions For Christian Couples!

P.S.S. You did not find this site by chance. With God, there are no "coincidences." You were meant to find this site because God cares about you, your marriage... and your sexual satisfaction!



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